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We give children opportunities to explore, investigate and inquire about the world around them.

Early Childhood Education in Box Hill

A perfect space for development. Our early learning programs are fantastic for exploration and growth because they encourage children to follow their interests. Little Lane Box Hill boasts a beautiful physical space that includes plenty of outdoor areas as well as sunlit rooms for play and creativity. Parents looking for a Box Hill early learning centre can rest assured that all of their child’s needs will be well and truly catered for. Our warm and friendly staff love the work that they do, and this is reflected in the environment that they have built around them. Put your trust in Little Lane Box Hill and you won’t be disappointed. It’s all about meeting the expectations of families searching for the perfect early learning centre.    

Box Hill early learning centre

We uphold fantastic values. Little Lane Box Hill aims to create a nurturing environment that is perfect for the development of both children and adults. We also work with a key set of values that revolve around acceptance of everyone. Diversity is important to us and our home ethos encourages the sharing of different cultures, backgrounds and ways of life. Little Lane Box Hill is a warm place where children can feel safe and supported as they explore life around them and the many challenges that it can bring. Look to us for expert guidance that will leave a lasting impression and hold your child in good stead for what’s to come.

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Something for every child. Our Box Hill early learning programs are designed to inspire and engage young minds. We believe in encouraging natural curiosity and work hard to equip all of our kids with the tools that they will need as they mature and grow. We have everything from language immersions, art classes, music programs and more. 

Our kindergarten service for 3-year-olds and casual day care in Box Hill is a great option for parents who need some time off for work and leisure.

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